Rund um die Bastei

Head off on a discovery tour – all the way round Bastei

Amselsee Lake at Rathen

Here you can row along the 600 m long man-made reservoir in rowing boats against the backdrop of stunning cliff scenery.

Amsel fall and Amsel fall lodge

Amsel fall – a 10-m high waterfall at Grünbach near Rathen

Amsel fall lodge – Information point of the Saxon Switzerland National Park administration


The world-famous Bastei with its look-out station 194 m high above the Elbe.

Burg Hohnstein castle

Burg Hohnstein castle is enthroned on the Hoher Stein high cliff, surrounded by deep drops above the romantic Polenztal valley and the small town of Hohnstein. A small museum tells the story of its varied history, during which the castle also served as a prison.

Felsenbühne Rathen

The Felsenbühne Rathen – Europe’s most picturesque natural theatre each year stages opera, operetta, play and concert performances as well as Karl May pieces from May to October against the unique natural backdrop of the sandstone cliffs.

Felsenburg Neurathen

Felsenburg Neurathen is situated close to Bastei near Rathen in Saxon Switzerland in Saxony, Germany. From this, the largest cliff castle in Saxon Switzerland, only the cleared rooms, passageways, cisterns and joist bearings of the former wooden structures remain today. From 1982-1984 parts of the spacious castle building were redesigned as an open-air museum.

Liebethaler Grund

At Liebethaler Grund valley in Lohmen village is situated the beginnig point of the Malerweg Elbsandsteingebirge - a famous painter way. The rocky valley boasts its naturalness. A special highlight here is the Richard-Wagner-memorial.

Saxon steam boat

The Saxon steam boat is the oldest and largest paddle steamer in the world. A trip along the Elbe on board this ship is a unique experience, as you peacefully and calmly take in the rocky landscape, cliffs and the idyllic settlements of this region.

Felsentor at Uttewalder Grund

The Uttewalder Felsentor where you enter the Uttewalder Grund, which stretches from Uttewalde to Stadt Wehlen. This is a popular trail as it can easily be combined with a visit of Bastei or Stadt Wehlen.

Wilke look-out point

The Wilke look-out point can be reached from Stadt Wehlen and offers hikers a fantastic panoramic view over Stadt Wehlen and the Elbe valley up to the Bastei crag.